Introduction in Thought Leadership

an interactive workshop

What is thought leadership? What's in it for you and your organization? How do you convey a clear, distinct vision for the future? How do you set people in motion?

Max. 10 participants get all the answers during the interactive workshop 'Introduction in Thought Leadership'. In an interactive way they take their first steps in the field of thought leadership.

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Benefits of the introduction session

  • understanding of thought leadership for the participants
  • clarity on the benefits for themselves and your organization
  • max. 10 first versions of clear, distinct vision for the future
  • insight in the steps required to grow into an authority in a field of expertise or on a relevant theme

Thought leadership enables you to use compelling stories from your organization to set people in motion and realize change.

Who is this session for?

This interactive workshop is developed especially for everyone that is thinking about growing into a thought leader.

Participants are often board members, partners, directors, department heads, managers, and subject matter experts.

Details of the session

During the session participants...

  • learn what thought leadership is and what the benefits are to themselves and your organization
  • hear inspiring examples
  • start with a structured manner to work on their thought leadership
  • determine a personal goal and corresponding target audience
  • work on a personal vision
  • get insights in next steps


  • for each session there's a maximum of 10 participants
  • sessions are always in-company and therefore only with participants from your organization
  • this session is designed for online participation, but can also be delivered in hybrid form
  • sessions are facilitated by Jochem Koole and Stéphan Lam