What is thought Leadership?

A thought leader is an authority within a field of expertise.

A thought leader can be an organization. The organization McKinsey, for example, is regarded as a thought leader in the field of strategic organization advice since the sixties. A thought leader can also be a person. Seth Godin can be seen as a thought leader in the field of marketing.

Thought leadership is not something you can claim. McKinsey, nor Seth Godin, say they are thought leaders. They do, however, continuously show their expertise. Every 3 months, McKinsey publishes their world-famous Quarterly. Every day, Godin writes a short piece about marketing on his blog.

Thought leaders provide guidance

Thought leaders provide guidance

To be recognized as an authority, you need a vision. In our approach, we at People Centered Growth call this vision a unique story: a clear, distinct vision for the future that sticks, triggers and guides the target audience.

Creating such a unique story is central to our approach. We teach leaders to develop and convey such a vision in a very practical way. Enabling them to guide their target audience.

Thought leaders set people in motion

Thought leaders set people in motion

Thought leaders don't just provide direction. They also set people in motion. They do this with the help of segment stories. The unique story (the thought leader's vision) functions as an umbrella for the various segment stories.

Segment stories are standalone stories that bring people a little closer to your vision. Step by step you change what someone knows, believes, feels, thinks or does.

The format of a segment story can be different each time. It can be an opinion piece in a newspaper, a blog article on your own website, a video on YouTube, a presentation during a conference or a thread on Twitter.

Thought leaders realize change

Thought leaders realize change

By letting people take small steps, thought leaders ultimately realize a big change.

Thought Leaders provide guidance with their vision. By consistently sharing their story, they deliver new insights and understandings. Enabling change step by step and becoming an authority. Within a field of expertise or on a relevant theme.

Thought leadership allows you to realize change.
By providing guidance and setting people in motion.

Thought leadership enables

stories that stick

Thought leaders tell appealing stories: strong in expertise, in line with overarching objectives and often a little provocative.

a distinct, guiding vision

Thought leaders are ahead of the curve with a clear, distinct vision. They provide direction and guidance with their stories and connect with their target audience.

being top of mind

Thought leaders are identified and recognized as an authority on relevant themes and topics. They are the 'go to' people in their field of expertise.